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NMBL Group Photo September 2017

Back Row: Rob Siston, Maria Hessin, Brooke Delventhal, Alivia Lahr, Kaden Zachmann, Rebekah Koehn Front Row: Liz Leszcz, Rachel Baker, Anna Lee, Megan Hughes


Congrats Drs. Schloemer and Caruthers (August 2017)

Dr. Sarah Schloemer, Dr. Rob Siston, Dr. Elena Caruthers

NMBL Group Photo April 2017

Back Row: Sarah Schloemer, Elena Caruthers, Amy Koehler, Anne Marie Jackson Front Row: Rachel Baker, Rob Siston, Nick Pelz, Grant Schneider




Congrats Dr. Ewing! (May 2016)

Happy Holidays from the NMBL Lab!! (2015)

NMBL students decorate the lab for Christmas 2015!

NMBL Summer Outing August 2015

NMBL Group Photo December 2014

Front Row: Erin Hutter, Alaine Wetli, Nicole Ray, Rachel Baker, Louise Thoma, Amanda Schoeffler Back Row: Rob Siston, Andi Adams, Elena Caruthers, Michelle Cullen, Katie Woodling, Nick Pelz, Joe Ewing, Sarah Shaffer, Sarah Schloemer

Clippers Game 2014

Michelle Cullen, Dr. Siston, Mary Beth Siston, Mark Lambach, Dr. Becky Lambach,Sarah Schloemer, Elena Caruthers


Spring Graduation 2014

Dr. Rob Siston, Dr. Becky Lambach, Mark Lambach   

Michelle Cullen, Dr. Rob Siston


Hayes Graduate Research Forum 2014

Elena Caruthers

Denman Undergraduate Research Forum 2014

Andi Adams

Michelle Cullen

Spring Graduation 2013

Michelle Cullen, Katie Woodling

Dr. Julie Thompson, Dr. Siston, Dr. Erin Hutter

NMBL 2013

(front) Nicole Ray, Michelle Cullen, Katie Woodling, Andi Adams (middle) Erin Hutter, Julie Thompson, Sarah Schloemer, Elena Caruthers,Dr. Siston (back) Becky Lathrop, Mike Vignos, Joe Ewing

Hayes Graduate Research Forum 2013

Julie Thompson

Denman Undergraduate Research Forum 2013

Michelle Cullen, Katie Woodling, Jay Young, Mike Vignos

NMBL 2011

Some of NMBL in November 2011 (L to R): Megan, Stephanie, Alison, Jay, Samantha, Julie, Sean, Becky, Mark, Erin, Dr. Siston, Amanda